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Jack: Yeah I've heard of the Great Thrash, but the S. Face looked more fun. Well, "4th class" anyway so how bad can it be... But then all the trip reports I've read involve rope work (thus I brought mine up). I did it in wet condition, on boots, and free solo (no belay since Vlad just joined me during the trip thus no climbing gears). The technical pitch felt like exposed 5.4 to me but that could be the wetness and the mental stress. But from experience I can tell climbers from different ranges rate routes differently. A 4th class route in the Selkirks can be much harder than a "difficult scramble" in the Rockies. But to be honest, if E. Lion is only 4th class then the entire route on E. Ridge of Edith Cavell is also 4th class...

Habrich looks fun. I might go for Sky Pilot + Copilot first though. Anyone interested in these 3 can let me know. [email protected]
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