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Originally Posted by Trail Talk View Post
In all the years that was the only trip I'd describe as "epic", and it only lasted one day! Both boats were lost, although we provided reports to the nearest RCMP including serial numbers. 2 of us went back a week later to complete the trip and search for the missing boats but nada. Thankfully, with good insurance and receipts for everything, I didn't lose out financially.

It still scares me to think what could have happened though. My buddy was trapped in the air pocket under his boat for several minutes before he decided to take a deep breath and swim for it. The royalex canoe was bent virtually in half but popped free later and sailed away. I was snagged by a submerged tree and sprained my ankle wrenching it free while being pushed under. Both our youngest and oldest trippers experienced near-exhaustion trying for shore against a heavy current, but all turned out well in the end due to luck more than good management.

Sounds pretty epic!!! Don't get that cool of stories on land'd have to involve groups of bears, wolves, and elk all surrounding you with unexpected snow or something like that.

In the past little while when something really sucks out there...I just think sucks now....gonna be a realllll cool story later!
Glad to hear you guys got out and survived!
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