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Originally Posted by John and Katie View Post
Sounds like you guys need to adopt a dog. : ) Or perhaps approach your local shelter to see if you could take one of the 'long-timers' (those that have been there a long time) out on a hike (on leash). You'll likely need to demonstrate that you can read, understand and handle a shelter dog, so volunteering some time at the shelter first would be preferred (at least it should be). Just imagine the feedback you could provide on how the dog was away from the shelter stress. Not to mention the scenic pictures of a happy dog for their adoption website.

Great for you, and well needed break away from the shelter for the dog. : )
I know we're going off topic here, but that's an idea I hadn't thought about (ie. taking a shelter dog out for a walk). I've grown up with dogs and had one most of my life. At this stage, I'm not ready to have a dog again, but your suggestion is a good one.
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