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Originally Posted by trail_blazer3 View Post
hey dude, no disrespect meant.

I was just trying to point out a "metric" that people use.

RE: your Baker question, I would consider it a 2 day trip. I measure it from the time I leave my front door.

Fast and light isn't always enjoyable for me, time spent lingering in the mountains is more fun sometimes than burning through an area for a day. It is about the adventure.

I agree it's not about disrespect it just about as trail blazer said the "metric" people use. day trip, long day trip, car camp to avoid the long day trip. or 2 days etc etc. I live in tsawwassen and yes many times wish I lived in Pemberton or Whistler or Squamish to avoid the 3.5hr- 4hr drive back home after a long day trip.

It's still a great trip regardless.
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