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Originally Posted by guntis View Post
I'd been feeling very strange mentally on my last few hikes. Thinking about grizzlies, broken bones, being alone in the middle of nowhere, not really enjoying myself lately. Kind of a messed up head space. I think I've been hiking solo too much.
This is not far off my experience of solo hiking. My internal monologue revolves around 5 subjects;

1) OMG is that a bear? (answer: no it is a stump/rock/shadow/the sound of the tips of your own hiking poles rustling the bushes)

2) don't roll an ankle don't roll an ankle don't roll an ankle

3) am I there yet

4) no one will actually know if I quit now and say I made it

5) oooohhh photo opportunity, this will be my best "shot of a trail winding through alpine meadows" ever!

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