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Originally Posted by trail_blazer3 View Post

thats a 2 day trip in my book. if your trip involves carrying a sleeping bag that you intend on sleeping in, it's an 2 day/overnight trip. If you're on a trip without a sleeping bag and you overnight it, that's an unplanned bivy.
Well all i can say is that if i lived in whistler or pemberton i wouldnt have bothered camping. If i drove to mt baker and got there at 5pm then hiked 2km to camp. Then summited and climbed down the next day and headed home would that be 1 or 2 days in your view? Basically day 1 was essentially all driving is my point.

Anyways i didnt say 1 day to brag so 1 day 2 days 3 or 4 doesnt matter to me whatsoever. It was new territory for me and an adventure and i just wanted to share my pictures for anyone interested so take what you will from that.
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