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Default Another Joffre Report but a first for me. Taylor, tszil, slalok in 1 day.(Aug/1,2/15)

*Sorry for the long post, feel free to just browse the pictures.

We left from Coquitlam at 9am saturday on the long weekend. We arrived late in the day, I think 2 or 3pm. We hiked up to joffre, shifted our bags around, had a couple energy bars and kept going. This was our first time on the route up to the 3 peaks and so we ended up missing the trail dedicated to the tszil/taylor col. Instead we made our own route up the moraine/ridge feature at the top of joffre lake, then cut towards taylor. This regrettably lead us across what seemed like a never ending boulder field - a boulder field whos only purpose, or desire seemed to involve attempting to swallow up our ankles and crush them for amusement.

Nevertheless we finally made it up top, scrambled up the col towards the upper lake and camped there for the night. It was a lonely mountain I have to say, for whatever reason that's how I felt. It was a bit eery as well, we saw a light at the top of taylor at 10:30ish pm, and my friend and I still can't figure out what it would have been as it was shaking in the wind but it wasn't moving in a way that would indicate it was tied to anything.

Anyways. We woke up at 830am, I brought my bag into the tent from the vestibule to packup since there were too many bugs out, but then a mouse ran out of my bag and tried to escape. I was yelling despite the little mouse being cute as hell. Apparently the little thing had tried to make a home in my bag (gross).

Then to make a long story short, we went up taylor, then tszil, then slalok, and back down to the parking lot. Slalok was a difficult climb/scramble and each mountain was difficult to find our route back down. We spent a lot of time looking around for the safest routes down but we still had to down climb quite a few sections. Overall it was a bloody long day but a fun one, and we got down at 8pm. We jogged/walked fairly quickly down the last 5km of the trail from the lakes in 45 minutes which I was pretty happy with considering we had our bags and overnight stuff. Long day but quite the journey and experience. However we were damned happy to get back to our vehicle.

*I'm using this from another clubtread post that I had seen, we took essentially the same route aside from our route origination being at the foremost part of upper joffre lake.

middle lake taking a break. It was 25c out and damned hot to be hiking

first glimpse of the towering and in my opinion menacing peaks of the joffre cirque

A view of the campsites and bottom of the glacier

Borrowing a picture from google, I wish I had grabbed this shot myself

heading up the edge of the tszil/taylor col

Looking up at taylor

Heading down from tszil looking up at slalok. Can't decide which picture I prefer so I included both lol.

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