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@msulkers : looks to me that you are not a MTB. As a hiker, did u ever enter e.g. a deactivated logging road stating "no access" or such?
I would throw in this: mono bikers should not be allowed to access backcountry (since i'm not a one).

More seriously:
"Having been involved in discussions with different ministries and their representatives and corporations over access and environmental issues for years".
Hmm, that would mean corporations are real stuarts of our nature. For instance WB is protecting the nature for future generations and these damn few bikers trying to pedal uphill are destroying all. Same logging companies. They built some roads (out of their niceness) and some few biker are trying to use it to pedal to the alpine. Bad bikers, evil ones.
Government? Do you want me to get started here? Heh.

They all worship $$$, they are using the "environment protection" as a decoy to stay away from their own $$$ schemes. Is anything more to it?

Please note that this discussion is not about real parks e.g. Garibaldi, where the rules are clear, and the mandate is clear. This is about "corporations" trying to pretend that they own the land.

There are limited places to bike up to the alpine. If one loves mtn biking, should he/she wait 50+ years until someone decides that e.g. "you are allowed to bike up WB"? This is their personal decision to make. Biking in a respectful way (to others), in a way that makes the most limited impact on the environment, is the way to go (in my opinion).

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