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It's worth noting that all of these "rules" are flouted nearly everyday by skiers/boarders/bikers/hikers, either ignorant or willfully ignoring the agreements that are made to ensure the long-term good will necessary for continued access. I personally often hear of friends/acquaintances organizing night rides down Singing Pass trail or over the BT Meadows, or co-workers scamming passes for ski days, someone pedaling up Blackcomb for a beer at the Horstman hut, dirt bikes on ski runs, or local news articles about illegal camping/squatting in residential neighbourhoods or on the ski hill(issue is trash/human waste disposal). It really is no wonder that it's been an issue for WB.
Having been involved in discussions with different ministries and their representatives and corporations over access and environmental issues for years, I can confirm that those that wilfully ignore agreements or regulations do not make it easier to advocate for access for the public; rather, these exceptions are brought forward each time as examples of why future access for the public cannot be granted. The exception proves the rule--the irony is that those that are not going to submit to the agreements are the only ones who actually get the access...

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