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Really? My Theta jacket started leaking after first three trips, and didn't last even three seasons - front pockets delaminated, see photo. The first warning sign of brand quality deterioration is when business expands and starts producing for masses, that is when you begin seeing people wearing such jackets in local Walmart.

Depends on in a consumer's eyes what makes a jacket/company superior. Every company has to go by Gore's rules for the temperature used to seal and a lot of other stuff when using their sheets of Goretex so a lot of times, they will delaminate. But they have a warranty policy to let you get a new one, so that's pretty good. If that was my jacket, I'd get a Theta SV instead of AR on the next go around.

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This is a pretty strong claim, and I see no real evidence to back it.

For the record, I'm not challenging the idea that all goretext pro shell jackets are the same. Nor would I challenge the idea that there are a lot of jackets that are worse than theirs; just the idea that Arcteryx jackets, in some mysterious and imperceivable way, happens to be better than all the competition.
Just give me benefit of the doubt, I'm just relaying information. Arc'teryx's intention is to be the best in that specific category they're in...and I'm up to date with all the indepth stuff up to 2012 so if Salomon, TNF, MEC has surpassed them then they're the best. I've just looked at materials first hand, got all the reps' of different companies opinions, seen microscope images presented by Arc'teryx. That's my evidence...I'm not going out my way to make sure that everyone thinks Arc'teryx is the best, because they're not. I mean one major flaw, especially on my jacket, it's a 2014 version...the "waterproof zippers" are exposed ...they should have a flap over them...or sewn in a different way so you're stuff doesn't get wet in there when it soaks down.

Companies don't intend to make products that last 10-15 years just because it's business...unfortunately for us
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