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Originally Posted by IslanderBob View Post
I would spend some time at the site so you don't end up with a monster pack and a ton of gear. I did 4-day trips last year with a 33L pack and a TOTAL starting weight of 16.5 lbs. And that's heavy compared to what many folks carry.

And I wasn't leaving out important items. Included: a tent, full length Thermarest, sleeping bag, camp stove, fuel, bear spray, SPOT messenger, camera, water filter, rain gear, warm jacket, wind shirt, etc, etc. Nothing hanging off the outside. Tent fly in the front pocket, water and fuel in one side pocket, tent poles in the other.
I would first check your scale to be accurate, because all of the above, including the pack, will not be at 16.5 lbs. And is it a tent or a tent fly? You need to be more honest about what's in your pack, because a tent fly is not a tent, while you listed a tent being packed.

I would only have to bump up to my 44L pack (adding 6 oz) and add about 1.2 lbs food per day to do more days.
And not everyone is willing to starve for 4 days on 1 lbs of food a day. That's less than most people eat while sitting on their ass at home all day.
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