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Microspikes are awesome and fantastic. I love my microspikes. I've had them more than 5 years now, and they are in great shape. Could be new.
I've never heard a bad review for them. They are easy to slip on and off, they stay put once on the shoe well, they stick really really well, and I can walk confidently on all sorts of surfaces, including surprisingly steep ice.

The only issues I have seen are:
I have seen some knock-offs snap in the rubber, but only when people fail to use the correct size, and stretch them too much.
In really deep slush, they don't penetrate far enough to get down to the solid ground, ice, packed snow, or other solid surface underneath and find purchase. But in that situation, nothing short of a proper crampon will do.

They are head and shoulders above the other options. I like the Icetrekkers for flat canyon-floor ice walking or some extra city grip, and the ones with tiny points can be good for just a smidge of extra help, but while the microspikes aren't *needed* in these lesser situations, they still do just fine, and none of the others compete in more complicated situations.

Get microspikes. You won't regret it.

I have seen that MEC runs out of pretty much all the good stuff by halfway through the winter, and I'm not surprised they dumped the microspikes now. I strongly suspect they will be back at the start of next winter when they have some stock again, but if you can find them elsewhere, that's also good.
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