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Up to $70
Hillsound, Kahtoola micro-spikes... pretty much the same product... work really well on moderate slopes and steep forest debris... approx. 3/8" spikes...

> $90
There are also mini-crampons > 3/8" spikes... for example...

Anything beyond this is full crampons territory.

I do not recommend Yaktraks
I have witnessed a number of cases where Yaktraks have peeled off boots in deeper snow and they are just not aggressive enough in my opinion for icy trails or icy mild slopes. Yaktracks would be good for icy sidewalks.. not mountain terrain imho. Just not rugged enough.

It is condition dependent ... one downside to mini-crampons is the more aggressive spikes are harder to walk in... so there is a bit of a trade off...

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