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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Try on every pack you can find that meets your criteria, go to multiple stores, try on every brand, make sure there is weight in the pack when you're trying it on. Once you narrow it down to say two or three that you really like (unless you find the "one"), pick whichever pack is the lightest one.
Best advice ever! Don't look at the price unless you absolutely have to. I bought a new backpack at the beginning of last year and really thought I'd go with a Deuter pack but once I had it fully loaded with full weight like what I'd have for a big multi-day backpack and wore it walking around the store for an hour or so I discovered it wasn't the pack for me. I ended up with a Osprey pack (more expensive) but it is a comfortable pack for me and easy to carry with a full load. Just make sure you have some one fitting you that really knows what they are doing.

The reason I got a new pack was to get a lighter one as I have an older Arteryx Bora pack. It's still a great pack and in really good shape but it is heavy. Really makes a difference, especially as you put on miles under your boots.

BTW.... I went to REI in near Seattle and they were awesome! Plus I always get dividends from them but never from MEC.

Have fun finding the right pack for you!


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