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Originally Posted by kellymcdonald78 View Post
The trade-off is poorer on road manners. If solid axles were completely superior in every way then every vehicle would still be using them rather than the small niche that currently does.
No, the trade-off you said was death wobble. Death wobble is not classified as a "poorer on road manner", but rather as a completely undrivable condition.

Show me where I have ever suggested that the Wrangler suspension be changed? Or that "if you buy a Jeep, you're gonna die". In fact I was firmly on the side of folks arguing against putting a IFS on the Wrangler. Again you seem to be having an argument with someone else. I even suggested that if the objective was a highly capable off road vehicle then the Jeep was the best option. Yet you're acting like I called your kid ugly.
Don't back out of what you said. Go read your first post, it's clear and precise. You suggested to not buy a Jeep with a solid axle, because you will get a death wobble, which is a "trade off", and not a neglect of maintenance. Forget about the Wrangler, you don't need it, and should not even care what happens to its axle. Go buy a Forester instead.
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