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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
No, based on your misunderstanding of my explanation.

I never said it was a good shock absorber.
No, based on your incorrect explanation.

The very reason that solid front axle vehicles can experience this issue, is precisely because the front axle DOESN'T act as a shock absorber (as it would on an IFS vehicle). If it did, then you wouldn't get the positive feedback loop that causes the problem.
So why are you picking out faults? Just deal with the fact any vehicle can have faults.
Did I kick your dog or something? There seems to be this other strawman person you're having an argument with. No where have I said there is a vehicle without faults.

This whole discussion started with me pointing out the pros and CONS of several vehicles that were being discussed. The Forrester will be much better on gas, but have less capability off road. Xterra is a pig on gas. Jeep is most capable, but has poorer on-road manners. Which one is right is entirely up to what you plan to use the vehicle for.

Go reread what I said.
Mr Pot, please meet Mr Black

OK. Let's see... I gained a ton of articulation, and I don't have and never had a death wobble for years. Where is the trade off? Let me tell you where it is: in your head.
The trade-off is poorer on road manners. If solid axles were completely superior in every way then every vehicle would still be using them rather than the small niche that currently does.

It's not even a question of trade off to the Jeep community. It is simply one of the things that can go wrong and would need to be fixed, if it ever does. You're blahblahling like a complete, paranoid, uneducated lunatic. Please, just go buy an "every other model of Jeep" that your people have already ruined, or any other vehicle with an IFS. Leave the Wrangler alone, it was never meant to drive people like you to malls.
Show me where I have ever suggested that the Wrangler suspension be changed? Or that "if you buy a Jeep, you're gonna die". In fact I was firmly on the side of folks arguing against putting a IFS on the Wrangler. Again you seem to be having an argument with someone else. I even suggested that if the objective was a highly capable off road vehicle then the Jeep was the best option. Yet you're acting like I called your kid ugly.
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