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Originally Posted by kellymcdonald78 View Post
Based on your "explanation" it should be easy enough then to produce this effect on any vehicle, as they all have "Wheels, Axles and Shocks".
No, based on your misunderstanding of my explanation.

In this situation the axle isn't "acting as a shock absorber" because the solid design doesn't really attenuate the oscillations
I never said it was a good shock absorber.

I've never claimed that there are flawless vehicles
So why are you picking out faults? Just deal with the fact any vehicle can have faults.

I thought you said this wasn't a flaw or problem
Go reread what I said.

"Trade off - A situation that involves losing one quality or aspect of something in return for gaining another quality or aspect."
OK. Let's see... I gained a ton of articulation, and I don't have and never had a death wobble for years. Where is the trade off? Let me tell you where it is: in your head.

Chrysler also admits that it's a design trade off and was seriously considering introducing an independent front suspension on the 2017 Wrangler (just like they have in every other model of Jeep). This of course had many in the Jeep community up in arms, as they are willing to "trade off" the increased risk of speed wobble
It's not even a question of trade off to the Jeep community. It is simply one of the things that can go wrong and would need to be fixed, if it ever does. You're blahblahling like a complete, paranoid, uneducated lunatic. Please, just go buy an "every other model of Jeep" that your people have already ruined, or any other vehicle with an IFS. Leave the Wrangler alone, it was never meant to drive people like you to malls.
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