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I am challenging this on seymour, met with the park attendant and police tonight they (the police) were at loss because I was accessing lot 1(the over night lot) on seymour which is in a provincial park and on a class A highway. The poor cop didn't know what to do with me. Other than say if I go back again next week take something that shows I have the right to access the land and that poor gate attendant can do nothing but write down my license. I am good with the license writing as I get they have to protect the ski hills equipment but denying me access to a provincial park is offside. The only thing I can find is a map on the mount seymour site which roughly shows where their CRA (controlled recreation area) begins at lot 2. I will take this if it is all that I have but I am hoping to get a more official government map on the subject. Mark the attendant is not really looking forward to seeing me next week. He would rather be watching movies and playing video games.
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