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First of all I DID READ THE ARTICLE. If one of you did, you'd actually read the following:

Starting with the 4S, iPhones have a GPS chip that function independently of the SIM card, meaning you don’t need cell tower service to use GPS driven applications.

Notice the text I bolded: Starting with the 4S

I noted that my iPhone 4, which was actually sold before the 4S will work the GPS independently of the SIM cars.

So maybe the third comment in the thread didn't read the article or my post. As the author of the article believes that the 4S was the first iPhone with GPS independent of the SIM card, the article had a minor (as I pointed out, minor) inaccuracy. But evidently this is a major cause for concern here.

Oh, and there are cases for the iPhone that are submersible. I have one.
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