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Default Duffey/Jofree update on 9.02.2015

On Saturday, the 7th: Mt Chief Pascal had tons of fresh new snow, wet and heavy before 1600m, not too bad above that. Some small avi observed on North side, probably from a failed cornice as nothing else seemed to be moving on its own. Around 1m of heavy snow siting on a very hard crust- didn't dig a pit, so not a very scientific observation.
Treacherous tree skiing below 1500m, with tons of uncovered trees/creeks..etc.
On Sunday, the 8th: Joffree col had quite nice snow above the third lake, although very windy near the col. A few older avalanches observed on the way up, one probably less than 24h old, 100m up from the summer camping spot. It seemed to be some sort of a wet avi that came from high up and managed to jump over a small ridge overlooking the trail heading up the col(I will post a picture in the next few days).
Horrible conditions skiing down from the second lake-we actually bootpacked from there: the lack of snow in the trees makes you cry...
None of the lakes seemed safe for crossing and we didn't see anyone trying: there seems to be a thin breakable crust and then 10cm of water and then the real ice February!
On Monday, the 9th: Ottoman(Cayoosh) area had fresh snow but marginal conditions in the trees- at least no bootpacking
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