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Seems to be a lot of BC'ians in the area so I thought I would post. First time in the Mt. Baker ski area this weekend (Jan 31st-Feb 1st) for some snowshoe camping. Hiked up to Artist Point, camped at Huntoon Point. Saturday: Very busy, beautiful day, no new snow, but needed snowshoes the whole way up,quite warm. Saturday night: My boyfriend and I are the only ones left, FREEZING, quite a bit of snowfall. Sunday: Total white out. First time I have ever needed a compass to get down a mountain that should have only taken an hour to descend. An easy hike in optimal conditions so trail markers are unnecessary, but if you can't see the bottom, it gets a little tricky. I would definitely assess your surroundings when this visibility is clear.

Roads were no problem. While not much of a "trek" and very busy...the views are first class.
Hope this helps someone!

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