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Default Newbie photo limit?

Hello CT world!

I posted this same comment in the "New Site Upgrade..." thread, but it may have got lost amongst the other, and obviously important information getting batted around there, as this new site gets the wrinkles ironed out. So please excuse the duplication.

I have posted one TR to date - 8 pictures included, added by drag-and-drop.

When I look at my attachments section on my control panel, it seems that I have only 10MB total for pictures. On this basis, one or two more TRs and my allocation will be full. This doesn't make sense to me. Am I doing something wrong here?

I have carried out a number of searches over the site for information, but have come up short. The only information regarding attachments that I can find (here) does not specify anything about overall storage capacity per person - newbie or not.

Is this a starting member limit? If so, when does that change? Is it related to time? Is it related to # of posts?
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