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Originally Posted by ShadowChaser View Post
  • Remove the limit on edits
  • Remove legacy and out-of-date features (ICQ status?)
  • Disable automatic user signatures. They were abused in the old ClubTread forums long ago and quickly kill the signal to noise ratio.
  • Add redirects from the old URLs to the new ones, Google has completely removed all of the useful content from its index and dropped CT's pagerank as far as I can tell. Maybe they're already in place, can't tell.
  • Add link to trail database in header.
  • Disable auto-subscriptions.
  • Remove "recent posts" from old ASP homepage since it's out of date now.
  • Fix images from migrated content.
  • Allow photos to be uploaded "inline". This is absolutely critical.
  • De-emphasize the "actions" under each post. It kills readability as you scan top to bottom across each post. Rather than big black buttons, consider smaller links or something similiar.
  • The default UTC date times will confuse anonymous visitors, and make most trip reports show up as the wrong date.
  • No way to see a user's trip reports easily.
  • A "garage" feature for a site devoted to self-powered recreation is a bad fit

With emphasis on "images inline", and "disabling of automatic signatures."
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