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Feedback continued...

Why do I have to click around in advanced search to find a list of my own trip reports? Before, when you went to your profile a list of all your trip reports were right there.

It's creepy seeing who looked at your profile last. It's also weird cause in "general information" under your own profile it will say what you're viewing. For example when I was on my own profile it says "current activity: Viewing User Profile". Then I clicked on Aqua Terra and I can see that me, another Jeff and the Shadown visited his profile page and that Aqua Terra is viewing the thread "Eaton Lake Garbage Dump". Too much info, will make people less likely to wander around the site freely, knowing other people can track them. Man... I just clicked on "who's online" I can see exactly which members are online and exactly what they are doing (which threads they are looking at, one was updating his contact list, it even says that I am looking at who's online)

It's set up automatically to show your birthday unless you change it.

What the heck is referrals? What are subscriptions? What is the "befriend" thing about?

Am I missing where the "edit" button for posts are? Shadowchaser mentioned that there is a limit to edits. No limits to how long it takes to edit.

What does Garage have to do with hiking and the outdoors? Totally out of place here.

Someone mentioned a limit to how long an edit

cdanes> thank you for the ad block tip. Talking of which, that is a nice new feature of this new clubtread. Emails right within the system. Though, it was nice in the old system that once you send a message to another user they get your email address.

Hey Aqua Terra, Jim passed on the reigns of this site to someone in Toronto (philip/Jeff) [noticed your messages mentioning Jim]

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