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Default feedback about this new site

Constructive feedback:

1) when you go to it looks like exactly the site it was before the change. Then you click on anything on the site and it goes to a different looking site and looks like you're going from one site to another totally different site

2) There are ads everywhere. just below the top bar, on the right side top, right in the middle of people's trip reports. This site is not focused on us, the community, it is focused on ads. There is even an ad when you upload photos. I feel like I'm getting totally bombarded. It's completely over the top. The kind of thing that could drive people away from this site.

I find it odd that no one in the community is allowed to advertise themselves (apparently you can even report club tread members who advertise), but there are advertisements absolutely everywhere on this site.

3)When I click on photo thumbnails in trip report the photos don't come. It says "cannot connect to server"

Positive feedback

1) the top bar imagery is eye catching

2) I like the toolbar. It's easier to use. When I want to make text bold it makes the text that I highlight bold versus the html code showing up at the end the post and me having to copy and past the html at the beginning and end of the text I want to bold

3) Can upload a bunch of photos at once which is great. I'd always had issues uploading photos more than one at a time before. I like I can drag multiple photos at once

4) I like the "report post" function. This will allow the community to self moderate.

These are just my initial thoughts, I'm sure as I navigate through this new format I'll have more to say.
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