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Zeljkok: I did nearly the same route the next day but sounds and looks like it just got wetter.
Started at cypress bowl, not sure which trail I used but merged with the graded trail at the Bowen look out. Lots of rain and low cloud ceiling meant no views from anywhere really. Graded improved area on HSCT seemed to have good drainage but anywhere else had lots of water either flowing directly down the trails or crossing them. At the double wooden bridges I branched off as slope contours suggested this might be Christmas gully. I also had a tip that this split was easy to miss and occurred at a bridge but wasn't positive this was right one.

I basically followed a heavy stream into the col between north and south summits. Does this sound like the actual trail? Aside from essentially walking through rushing water the whole way up it seemed a reasonable route but didn't see any blazing till the col so wasn't sure if I was off track or that the trail isn't blazed and water was just taking the natural outlet of the path but in doing so obscuring it. I feel like the latter must be true otherwise route finding would have been more difficult and unsafe.

Continued to both summits with zero visibility. Made my way to the plane crash site. Trails in this area also had a ton of water flowing down but felt a little less "stream bed like". As the steepness levelled off there was also standing water in places. Not too long after the crash site at the1150m contour I joined a ski run and hastened my return journey back.
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