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quote:Originally posted by WestCoastPaddler

Being inconsiderate is what the thieves are doing. How dare you insinuate someone is wrong because they're trusting and don't button everything up in a vault. It is such a backwards attitude to BLAME the victim in these instances -- it is solely that asshole thieves that are to blame here.
I absolutely agree with your point. There should be no need for locks on anything except maybe to keep children out of danger. There should be very little or no need for police and the whole justice system. You should be able to keep your money in a shoebox on your front porch, rather than in a bank.

And I'm not making fun of your position.

Since cheating, stealing, lying etc. are so common, protecting one's own interests and property becomes somewhat a matter of practicality. It is not practical for me for others to leave valuables, keys, money etc. in their cars at trailheads, because thieves can't tell what's in a car without breaking into it, and so being rewarded for doing so increases the chances they will break into my content-free vehicle. In that sense, they are inconsiderate.

It could be argued it would be more practical for those people to not leave valuables in their cars either. Surely it is less trouble (and extends one's options) to carry cellphones, wallets, money and housekeys along on hikes rather than suffer the bother that comes from having one's car broken into and these things stolen. In that sense, they are stupid.
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