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quote:Originally posted by wilderness_seeker

You are probably right, although my heel was quite snug going up, and on the flat. I would't have wanted them any smaller. They were the best fit out of the dozens I tried on in about 6 shops. The other ones were all huge in the heel and short in the toes. But in the ones I had I felt the material allowed the foot to slide from side to side even though they were sturdy-ish Scarpas. I am in the UK at the moment so I am going to see if I can get Meindl light hikers which are unavailable where I live.

I also wasn't a big fan of feeling the pointy rocks through the soles though.
They might not be too big. They might just not fit well. It is difficult for a lot of people to find shoes that are wide enough for their forefoot, but narrow enough at the heel.
Though if your whole foot was sliding, I'd definitely try a narrower shoe in general - La Sportiva is typically the narrowest, and likely around for you. You may need to lace them differently or more tightly than you are accustomed to with boots as well.

I have absolutely tried on some that just aren't the right sort of last for my foot, and even being the best size, allow sliding, but my good light hikers that fit well, when properly laced feel like just an extension of my foot, and move with my foot, rather than letting my foot move in them at all, or trying to overrule the movement of my foot.

The feeling through the bottom is absolutely the kind of personal preference I was talking about. Different people like different things. I have tough feet and never notice pointy rocks in my light soles, but stiff soles make my feet hurt because they aren't used to being inhibited in their movement. There isn't a single better for everyone, other than having well-fitting hikers of whatever types is desired.
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