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quote:Originally posted by Rachelo

quote:Originally posted by wilderness_seeker

It's the lack of stability of the foot within the shoe, ie heel sliding around from side to side without the stiff leather holding it in place. It was way more fatiguing on the muscles of the feet trying to hold steady and not slide. And they were as painful to wear as any boot has ever been. I am going back to boots for al but the gentlest walking paths.
I definitely think that people have different priorities, and different strengths of feet and ankles, and there is no one solution for everyone.
But if your heel is sliding around inside the shoe, that's a shoe that doesn't fit. Maybe a similarly-poor boot would hold you in a little more by the ankle, but heels don't slide around in well-fitting light hikers.
You are probably right, although my heel was quite snug going up, and on the flat. I would't have wanted them any smaller. They were the best fit out of the dozens I tried on in about 6 shops. The other ones were all huge in the heel and short in the toes. But in the ones I had I felt the material allowed the foot to slide from side to side even though they were sturdy-ish Scarpas. I am in the UK at the moment so I am going to see if I can get Meindl light hikers which are unavailable where I live.

I also wasn't a big fan of feeling the pointy rocks through the soles though.
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