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quote:Originally posted by BurnabyRich

Regarding ankles, my experience doesn't jive with the argument that boots do not offer much better protection than low or mid-cut runners/hikers - they are much, much better, especially when I'm tired and going downhill.
I finally broke down and tried trail shoes for hiking...twice descending scree slopes, and my opinion is they suck, at least for me. Two hikes, two different pairs of trail shoes, same result. For me it has nothing to do with the ankles. It's the lack of stability of the foot within the shoe, ie heel sliding around from side to side without the stiff leather holding it in place. It was way more fatiguing on the muscles of the feet trying to hold steady and not slide. And they were as painful to wear as any boot has ever been. I am going back to boots for al but the gentlest walking paths.
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