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quote:Originally posted by Spunky

I don't get it either. I had an old pair of full leather boots that I started wearing again this summer after fixing them up. I forgot how great they are. For the past 4 years I've been wearing Goretex lined boots. Don't like 'em.

Needless to say my full leather's are done for now and I'm on the market for new ones. Started looking. Can't find ANY! I think Asolo may have? Like you said all there is out there is full leather and Goretex lined. WTF?

I will find my full leather's without the stupid Goretex dammit!

I was surprised to see Valhalla's selection of straight leather boots on the website yesterday. They have La Sportiva Karakorums (general mountaineering) and Pamirs (backpacking) which are both non-goretex boots, both in women's lasts. The Glacier WLF is a men's boot but may still fit you, it has no gore-tex either! The Scarpa fuego is being dropped from the line-up much to my dismay as it's a super solid boot. No goretex, no rand, just beefiness. Too bad.
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