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Thought I would chime in here since I worked with the OP to fit her boots. I also received the email from meindl with regards to the request for leather but seeing as I had seen you a few days before I thought this request was older so my sincere apologies!

For the fit that you require the selection is quite limited if not non-existent.

There are a few models that are leather lined and in a shoe/lighter duty we may be able to find something that works but in a boot that meets your needs there definitely isn't something of that nature that would fit.

In the non traditional (glued) there is a couple of models unfortunately most aren't to your foot type and will not fulfill your needs.

Meindl of course makes a full selection of traditional shoes/boots ranging from a city shoe all the way up to mountaineering. All leather lined and made to stand the test of time. In the leather lined more modern boots there are a handful of models and in the shoes whether it is city or trail there are more options.

I would suggest looking at the Murano or the Lugano for a leather lined trail shoe. This comes from the comfort fit selection so it is designed to be wider in the front as well as having a squarer toe box.

I think you got the revolution sock if memory serves me. If you feel it is too hot, you could try a lighter weight sock which in the Meindl range would be XO Sock which is quite popular with people in hotter climates (quite a few canadian armed forces members wore them on tour in the middle east with their safari boots and were very happy with the results)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected] or drop by the showroom!

We will happily bring in anything and never sell leather over gore-tex or vice versa. We sell on fit and needs of the customer first. With that said over the years the number of people wanting leather lined boots has become less and less and tends to be more and more from people wanting a traditional stitched boot which we normally have stock of. We did stock a few other models of leather lined but after making an assessment we made a call that the demand just wasn't there only selling a few pairs a year. With that said we will order something if it is available!
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