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Tracy, check Dayton out. Local company with rich history you can form a relationship with, which is cool.

They say no footwear leaves their shop without getting your best fit and if that doesn't work: "Are you hard to fit? We also offer fully custom or bespoke sizing and lasts at competitive rates."

The Hard Toe Toughie and X-Boots have traditional Vibram outsoles and it doesn't look like they're steel toed but you can confirm that. The only downside I see is they're likely not lined but you can help that with thicker socks. My work boots are unlined and they keep my feet dry and toasty with quality leather and good socks. Depending on time of year and conditions, they just may not be adequate though.

If they last 10 or more years, they're not all that expensive when compared with replacing cheaper boots more often and as you probably know, good long lasting boots will become the most comfortable thing you'll put on your feet.

Good luck!
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