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quote:Originally posted by Dru
Goretex on feet definitely came before Goretex in footwear - witness the Rocky brand Goretex socks you could buy in the late 80s and early 90s.
I just bought a pair of these socks. Decided to try backpacking in light, fast-dry trail runners that were not Gore-Tex. Yes my feet got quite wet. Got to camp, dried my feet, slipped on a dry sock then my Gore-Tex oversocks to keep my feet dry, put wet shoes back on. Worked like a charm. My feet were warm, dry and happy and I didn't lug around the extra weight of boots. With the amount of water I saw on the weekend - Gore-Tex or no, I was bound to have wet feet.

This is the route I'll go going forward - might consider a heavier boot for longer trips with bigger load. If I'm going out though for a couple days with light pack - it's runners for me with no Gore-Tex in sight...aside from my camp socks.

To the OP - Lowa has several boots in their hiking/backpacking/trekking boot lines that are "LL" or leather-lined, no Gore-Tex. Not sure where one could get them in Canada but I've seen some Lowa boots at Wholesale Sports.

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