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Your TR is an outstanding resource for all of us CT'ers who will surely explore that area. The Chilcotin presents some of North America's most beautiful outdoor opportunists. In a way, compared to areas such as the sea-to-sky, it's almost undiscovered.

We spent much time in that region in years past, at the Elkin Creek ranch. At some point, I'd so like to climb Mt Tatlow at the head of the Nemaiah valley. We're so longing to go back there. Next year, maybe... but so many places to explore!

If you're keen on pioneering stories, have a view of the BBC documentary "Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World" about a magnificent 10 week trip around the outer edge of Canada from the maritimes to Vancouver island. The latter episodes have fascinating tales of pioneer folk in the Stikine and other places, who live much like the Bracewell's
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