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quote:Originally posted by gbarron
Since returning to backpacking, I've hiked exclusively in trail running shoes. I cover 25-35 km/day with an overnight pack. My shoes weigh 210 g each, offer adequate protection from rocks, and are decidedly non-waterproof. But they are comfortable, light, and dry very quickly.

Of course, YMMV.
I have nothing against trail shoes. I've been searching all summer for those as well. I thought I had a pair of Merrells that fit but then my heel was sliding around inside the shoe coming down Panorama Ridge, and the toe-bang against the front of the shoe was so bad that I couldn't even get down the Garibaldi Lake trail without changing into Teva sandals. The Hi-Tecs that fit me before were discontinued; Meindl trail shoes aren't sold here, and Merrell seems to think that if you require length and width in the forefoot, you must have a correspondingly enormous heel. I'm currently testing out some Scarpa trail shoes; I think they might work but I'm going to have to get the sides seriously punched out where my 4th and 5th toes are.

But my question was about why Goretex is required in leather boots

Seems the answer is 1) Marketing, and 2) Lots of really crappy leather boots out there that come apart at the seams and let water in.
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