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Back on topic,

I completely agree. My boots are meindl island pro's with goretex, but I have absolutely no clue what the goretex is there for. Sno-seal keeps my feet dry. I worked with a whole lot of geologists that questioned why I was "putting that gunk" on my boots, and proceeded to tell me that their boots had goretex so they didn't need it.

The next day they would complain that their feet were wet.

quote:Originally posted by Arnold

You can't honestly expect a hiking shoe/boot to last 12 years?!
I see that you haven't owned meindl's before.

quote:Originally posted by wilderness_seeker

(So please don't let this be a debate about boots vs shoes, because I have my uses for both, and I am having an equally difficult time finding shoes that fit and don't hurt, and boots that fit and don't hurt).
quote:Originally posted by gbarron

I doubt the value of both GT liners and leather boots themselves for hiking/backpacking.

I don't want to carry this further off topic, but your assertion that you can't wade through a creek >15cm deep and keep dry feet is silly. That's what gaitors are for. I have crossed thigh-deep waters and kept my feet dry thanks to well fitting gaitors. You aren't going to be able to stand in water like that all day, but crossing quickly with a half dozen steps works just fine.
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