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quote:Originally posted by oplopanax

As for turning it into a park, didn't Bowen island residents just vote against that?
well spotted on the Bowen thing. I forgot about that

This preservationist movement is not about ecological integrity, it's about ignorance and self-interest. All the gnashing of teeth over the horrors the woodlots will inflict on Gambier is just hysteria, and flies in the face of the evidence in front of them.

The hack-job done at Douglas point runs to about 150 acres as I recall. An unsightly, ecologically defunct mess. At their worst, a dozen woodlots could not equal that wreckage. Where was all the hue and cry over that? As I said, it's all about context. Rape the land and call it a 'ski-hill' or a 'subdivision' and not a word is uttered in protest. Call it 'woodlot', even with the attendant management planning, referrals, site plans, reforestation, inventories, soil/creek surveys and you're a monster. It's just grinding hypocrisy.

BTW: like you I spent early years on Gambier, high school summers from 1972 to 1975 life guarding at Camp Artaban. Regular hiking trips pretty much every summer since. So yeah, I love Gambier too and will return as long as I'm able.

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