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This is just sensationalism meant to play on people's fears. Typical "loggers are the bad guys" kind of stuff. Now, if somebody was proposing a ginormous gravel pit covering 20% of the island, then they'd have a beef.

The plan is to issue a couple of woodlot licenses.

They are NOT planning to log 20% of the island all at once, like they would have the gullible public believe! Since it will take roughly 100 years to log each woodlot sustainably, that means the amount of logging is 0.2% or so each year. It will be planted and become greened up, nearly invisible, within just a few short years.

The area is working forest, not park land, and it's gone through land use planning processes which, by consensus, agreed to that land use. Now because a few rich Fort MacMoney workers have bought property and can see that hillside, they want it as their own personal de-facto parkland. Too bad.

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