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quote:Originally posted by oplopanax

At least a clearcut grows back.

Not saying don't sign the petition, just wish people thought that destroying a chunk of land for waterfront property warranted some protest.
It's often context that determines the response to these things. The denudation from the woodlot timber harvesting, even if its small Annual Allowable cut is not well distributed (as it should be), pales in comparison to the moonscape of Douglas point. That surprised me too. However, it's all in the label we give things. If it's called a 'subdivision' you can pretty well raze it to the ground. You call it 'logging' and everyone craps themselves, even if done on a very small scale, in an area-based tenure where opening sizes will be so modest as to encourage a flood of early, thriving regeneration of the three main coniferous species.

Gambier has a long history of extensive clear-cut logging, dating back to the late 1890's. Evidence of it is everywhere. In fact, the trail we love to hike from Lost Lake, turning west to Gambier lake, has some of the finest historic examples of elevated corduroy skid roads anywhere on the coast of BC. Even the trail along Lost Lake is, in part, an old corduroy skid road.

Not a single tree was ever planted by any of the gyppo loggers that dragged those massive pumpkin fir and cedar down to the ocean using oxen on greased skid roads. The now vibrant, diverse second-growth forests originated unaided by human hands. Nature is quite good at that, regenerating itself, i mean.

That said, were it up to me, I'd ditch the woodlot and revert the crown land on Gambier to Parks BC. Some things are just best left alone.

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