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So, I watched a bunch of the videos and it looks like you could even invert a tin foil pie plate and use it to keep whatever you're baking off the bottom of the pan. I guess the water is used to self regulate the temperature of the “oven”. As long as there's water boiling and it doesn't totally evaporate off, the temperature stays even.

mikeilic, I too wonder about using plastic bags to cook the dough in. I take it that there are food safe plastic bags that won't melt. Does anybody have any info on these?

What a hassle free way to make bread stuffs, if you can have the food material in a plastic bag, add water & mix, then cook in a pot with some kind of light weight rack to keep it off the bottom of the pot, then serve and have NO clean up!

mad owl woman, what are your thoughts on pita bread? So would you hand flatten the dough to make your pita, like a chaptti, or a tortilla? and then cook it on a heated rock, or in a pan, or something else?

I see that I have homework to do on this subject and experiments to undertake. Will share my wins and fails.

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