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Sadly, even though the article has the word "reservations" in the title, Joffre Lake P .P. has only been added to the backcountry "registrations" system.

For more adventurous campers, new parks will be added before the May long weekend to the backcountry registration system: Desolation Sound and Joffre Lakes Provincial Park. Backcountry permits for most parks can be purchased two weeks prior to your arrival date.

Which only means that BC Parks will take your money in advance for camping fees, but paying does not mean you will get a spot. In fact, I'm not even sure the system will prevent you from paying when the amount of campers "registered" exceeds the number of sites available on a given day.

The registration fee allows for overnight camping in back country areas but does not guarantee that a campsite in a specific area will be available.
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