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quote:Originally posted by simonc
Here's shot of the area taken by Alex G that Tim provided me a link to.
I echo everyone's comments, thanking you for your honesty. I also echo Sandy's comments about the Rockies snow pack being a LOT different than the coasts. Looking at that picture above, I wouldn't go near a slope like that in the AB Rockies unless I absolutely had no choice. And I'd have my hand on the trigger of my avalanche pack the whole way up... Of course we can all learn from each others mistakes - we've all made them!

One of the first lessons I learned was that a thin snowpack may inspire confidence because you can see the rocks under the snow, but it actually the worst areas for triggering slides. The closest call I had was in very similar terrain to the one that caught you except it was a steep, rocky gully.

One more thing that I haven't seen mentioned by anyone yet. Someone said you didn't have to carry avy gear because you often travel solo? That strikes me as a bit odd. What if you're travelling solo (and safe) and you come across a slide with victims buried? You will be helpless to save lives... I think if anyone's going to be traveling back country avy terrain they should at least carry a shovel / probe / beacon and have basic training. But this is just MHO of course!

Thanks again for sharing. Good discussion.
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