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OK great guys thanks!

I agree i should eat more of what i do, but in all honesty i have no idea what i eat and rarely plan anything. so i am not sure if what i am eating is right. today for example i have an extremely bad headache and am assuming it is due to something not being eaten?

Smoothie does sound ideal, but as you mention keeping cool that long isnt practical. Mornings would work quote well though. We have a LOT of different types of vegetables here and fruit as well, but fruit are highly seasonal. are there any fruit that i should avoid in excess, such as citrus perhaps?

glycogen, will read into that tonight, thanks for the new word. from the sounds of it your muscles kind of eat themselves much like how one burns fat, i will read more into that as well.

I think it may be wise to import a good supplement like the Whey. Anyone have a good suggestion on brand, seen as i am importing it may as well go for the gold. price isnt such a problem, my new checks are quite nice so i dont mind investing in health.

I will be able to bring a little camp style stove if need be as well, cooking isnt a problem as far as packing space, but is a problem as far as being time consuming. Basically the longer i am out of the forest the less money i make, more or less.

I am hoping to do 2-4 hour stints, one in the morning then have lunch and 30 min break and head back out for a second of the same. Most days will be like this, and long days might have 3-4 outings like this.

"glutamine, creatine and glycerol" i have seen 2 of those at the gyms here. I was under the impression they may not be healthy. Only going by the muscle heads who drink the stuff like water, but i am really not sure. I want to remain healthy, and will work less in order to not have to eat something that may be harmful long term.

here is the ingredients for my multivitamin thing, anyone see any health concerns taking 1-2 a day? 4.5g tablet. i rounded slightly on the larger numbers

Vit. C 143mg
Potassium Chloride 110mg
Di Calcium Phosphate 94mg
Sodium Chloride 72mg
Calcium Carbonate 54mg
Magnesium Carbonate 50mg
Vit.. E 42mg
Niacin 15.5mg
Canclium Pantothenate 12.4mg
Vit.B12 4mg
Vit. B2 3.7MG
Vit.B1 2.4MG
Vit. B6 2.34MG
Citric Acid 2300mg
Sodium Bicarbonate 1012mg
Sodium Carbonate
Sorbitol 122mg
Tri-Calcium phosphate 112mg
Potato Starch 67mg
Aspartame 32mg
Orange flavoring 31mg
Beetroot red 20mg
Acesulfame K 3mg

Wondering if any of these are unhealthy at all. Not a fan of aspartame, but not sure at that amount if its a problem?

Appreciating all the help guys!!

To edit and add, i also have a small animal feed business which could be useful as i have commercial food dryers and and some processing equipment. so if there is some food that is ideal, it is easy for me to dry and process into something. only foods i am not setup to deal with are liquids or wet foods. Meaning we dry, powder, mix and press our ingredients now. Not sure if that would be at all useful in this scenario, but thought it might be worth mentioning?
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