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good to know. I am by no means a big muscle man, but i have very little body fat as i am already very active. so burning body fat wouldnt be great to rely on, ad seems like it would be only short term solution anyway. using an online calculator i am at about 8% body fat, all of which is in the "love handle" area i am thinking.

I can bring many KGs of food, i will be going back and forth to the car all day. I probably wont be away from the car for more than 4 hours, unless something happens.

unfortunately the times i cannot really change, i am doing a lot of environmental study which will include certain times of day. so i am in fact working right through the middle of the day. usually in the 8am-5pm range. but in reality its just hot after 9 anyway.

I am well prepared for disease, luckily i am working in mountain areas = no wetland/wet areas. However, i am well prepared for the environment, no worries there. Its the food intake that is worrying me.

I have new electrolyte tablets trying out, they seem to work well. but in summer i can go through 10 liters a day and still pee orange. so something needs to happen before that heat kicks in. you can literally watch the beads of sweat come from each pore, quite amazing, but i worry about that a bit.

I am 85kg, so about 190 pounds i think. so 190grams of protein a day? wow, this one is going to be tough. I think i maybe should buy vitamins?

my current diet is pretty low on processed stuff, especially lately. I am eating a lot of cooked veggies which i am finding makes me hungry fast. Also eat a lot of peanuts, 1-3 eggs a day and usually some rice. I find i dont actually need much hiking, sometimes i go out hiking for 8 hours on a single egg without feeling any ill effect, unless i skip that nights dinner then the next day i feel terrible. I know this is not something i should do, but it seems my body is quite efficient at using food energy. Or so i think.
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