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Back in 2002-2003 I received a call from some guy. "hi my name is ---, Your name came across my desk and I have great deal you for you on a lucrative business venture"! I asked where he got my name and he said a friend. What friend I asked ? Then he went into his pitch. I told him I wasn't interested and hung up.
He called 4 more times after that , one late at night, which woke me up. The next day I got his number from my call display, plugged it into Canada 411 and got a name and address in Langley in Brookswood. it was a different name than the one he had given me.
Here's the fun part
I waited till 2:00am as I was on afternoon shift then called. I listened closely and the voice that answered it was the same one. I asked if my name was still on his desk ? "Huh" was his reply. I then told him ;Bob I know where you live(Quoted his address) and I'm not happy. I might just pop over and visit you and your wife tonight... late ! I WAS going to call the cops but I think I'll risk breaking probation and deal with this myself. Do you plan to EVER call me again?
Also you may want to consider finding another way to make extra cash ! Are we clear Bob ?
'Yes sure, I'm very , very sorry for calling you and will not call again" ! "I apologise if I bothered you". He never did and for some time I had no calls at all.

It was fun to get one back on these scum and I don't have much faith in the Do Not Call Registry. This guy was obviously an amateur. Most of these calls come from out of country call centers so there is not much you can do.

When I bought my townhouse I was in the place only 3 days after my phone was connected. I got a call from a guy selling bottled water. I asked to speak to his supervisor. I then asked where he got my number because not even my friends & relatives had it yet !!! To make a long story shot after several calls I found out Telus sells numbers to Dominion Directories , who in turn sell it to companies. I raised utter hell with Telus and their privacy policy. The best they could offer was an unlisted number of which I had to pay extra for. Shortly after that I cancelled my home phone and use my cell. Now I get maybe 1 unknown caller per month.
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