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quote:Originally posted by sgRant

For the automated calls, you can just leave the phone off the hook so their system is tied up longer with your call.

I've gone along with the Windows scammers for a while. I then suggest we end our call and that the scammer should call the police and tell them what they're doing. Not very imaginative. A friend went along with it to the point where the security is breached, just to see what they were doing. I don't suggest that unless you have a very good idea of how the computer works.
The US/ Canada can not prosecute these scammers except in civil court and they may close them down but it is such a lucrative business with hundreds of thousands of people who get swindled and do not realize it till their bank funds are missing.
Spambots on this website compared to being ripped off legally is nothing. Visa will tell you that if you received a service you have to pay. Even if that service destroyed your computer !
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