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quote:If you want it, you can have it for free.
Yup, sent you an email a couple hours ago, thanks! (did you get it?)

Dunno if you can send things collect through the mail, but if not we'll figure something out..

I'm curious whether I'll find out the same thing you did using both methods.. Like I say, I read that cuts of meat are chewier than ground meat..

I'll see if I can find that recipe..

*found it!

I also make jerky, starting with any cut of beef or buffalo or venison, if I'm so lucky. Marbled meat is the best. I marinate the thinly sliced meat in a marinade for 48 hours, in the fridge. My marinade is roughly:
1 cup honey & maple syrup
1 cup teriyaki, or soy, or Tamari sauce
1 cup red wine or Mirrin (or both)
1 lemon (organic) juice & grated rind
grated ginger, organic (lots)
minced garlic, organic hard necked (lots)
Tarragon (fresh if possible)
a dash of toasted sesame oil
a spoon of powdered mustard
some fresh ground white pepper
a bit of ground celery seed
a spoon of paprika

This amount of marinade will do two medium sized roasts, or rather two batches of jerky and this amount will be about a years supply for me... depending on the numbers of people on my trips. It's a popular item!

I start my jerky out on the high temperature setting for several hours, turn the meat over and continue on the lowest heat setting for a day or two, until dried but not cardboard. I then store it in plastic bags in the freezer until I need it for a trip.

When I have made a good batch, the jerky just about dissolves on your tongue and isn't tough or chewy.
quote: start checking out the clearout cart in the produce dept. all of those super ripe bananas, nearly past mushrooms, and dodgy looking tomatoes
They do that with bananas, here.. But that's about it.. Other than that, dodgy produce is the default setting.. We head to PG to get decent stuff.
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