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quote:Originally posted by Rachelo

why do you want 2 doors on a solo tent? I'm just honestly curious. I have the MSR HubbaHubba, and am extremely happy to have dual doors on my 2-man tent, so each inhabitant gets his own entrance and vestibule. But my 1-man tent has only one door, and since I am the only person getting in and out of it, it never occurred to me to want an additional door.
I can see why more vestibule space is generally nice, but what do you like about having a second door on a 1-man tent?
Yes, just as Billy Goat indicates. Unobstructed entry, lots of gear storage, ventilation options, etc. In addition, if you use just the fly portion in bug free conditions, it will easily fit two people and two doors work great.

It also allows a perfectly symmetrical shape, which can work well with stability. On the Notch, it adds only a couple of ounces to total weight so it is kind of like getting something for nothing....

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