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What a terrible stove.

Unless you are wanting to go on a picnic in the front-country and want to charge your electronics, don't buy this stove.

I don't know the spec's off-hand but had the opportunity to try out one that a friend brought to work.

For one, it's heavy. Sure you don't have to carry fuel, but when you're in the alpine, there is hardly any wood so cross it off your list.

Second, it's a b!tch to light. It's tall and narrow, you can't stick your hand inside so you need to filllll it with kindling.

Third, unless you have pre-cut hardwood sticks that are less then 7 inches long, the wood burns fast and you can't really fill the stove with ashes. It's only so big. Maybe about the inside volume of a Nalgene.

The fan does work, so it increases the heat fairly well to boil water, but you need to continuously stoke the stove. And you can only burn so much wood at at time.

The charger works fine as far as I know of, has a built in battery. But I wouldn't want to cook a meal on the stove. Maybe a can of soup.

What a pos.
I found it more of a hassle then anything.
A whisperlite is easier to manage I find.

My two cents.
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